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4 years ago
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Incredibly beautiful, I would love too feel her orgasmic thrusts, oh my god if she held me close & came inside me, smooth & hard, outdoors, & I just got out the water so I'm cold, so I lay down too catch some sun & her shadow appears over me, she sits on my chest pinning me, pulls her g-string too the side too reveal her gorgeous cock for me too suck, she knows I worship her & loves boyish voice moaning & gasping for her semen, she pulls it out too tease me, but my relentless need too taste her flesh has melicking & sucking her knees, she grabs my face by the mouth & stares me down, she observes her dominance & pisses on my chest & stomach, I pull off my bathing suit putting my legs backshowing my open shaved & pretty asshole, she reveals hers & begins too sit on my face, but before she can get her knees on the ground, I already have my tongue breaching the inside, she enjoys my enthusiasm & lust & works me too a rhythm her hole swells & eagerly invites, she spits on my hole & spanks it, instantly vocalizing my need for more,.....etc.