Daisy Taylor's New Videos

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5 days ago
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I would give anything to experience this awesome beauty, everything about her is perfect

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1 month ago
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Moning makrs you perfect.

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2 months ago
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100% the most beautiful human being I have ever seen!

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5 months ago
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what would it take to meet you and spend an entire night with you.youre the most beautiful human being that i have ever seen in my life.i would die happy. if i could suck your dick and swallow your precious juice.please let me know how to get in touch with you.id travel the world over just to be in your presence.i love you.you can do anything you like with me.as long as i can put that beautiful cock in my mouth.until you come.

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5 months ago
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Well the day has come. I Never thought I could become as obsessed with a star as I have been about my four year favorite who's just been replaced by daisy taylor. U replaced Sarina Valentina:)